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Kullu - Manali - River Ganga Rishikesh - Indus River - Spiti River- Tons River - Zanskar River - Bhagirathi River

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River rafting in India has emerged as one of the most popular sports. Steering through the unbridled water and passing through parlous rapids is something only an adventurer at heart can realise and appreciate. If you haven’t yet been able to get a chance to experience this utterly thrilling water sport, then pack your bags and be ready to become an adventurer this summer.
In India, the trend of adventure sports is relatively new. However, it's definitely one trend that’s fast catching up, especially with the youngsters. Today, most family tour operators have included river rafting in their itineraries. It’s no surprise that river rafting has caught the fancy of not just adventure sports enthusiasts but also travellers and tourists. With a plethora of roaring rivers, you can easily find a number of river rafting spots in India.

Best Locations For River Rafting In India

The most prominent destination in India for white-water rafting is Kullu. Here, you can sail on the beautiful River Beas and enjoy your love for thrills and adventure. In the Kullu Valley, river rafting commences at Pirdi. It further goes up to Jhiri, covering a stretch of about 14 km. You will experience 1 to 4 rapids in the river. Furthermore, some of the rapids are strong enough to leave you with exhilarating memories. The picturesque scenery of the river Beas and the thrill of the rapids are certain to make this day memorable and a must-visit place in Kullu for all adventure seekers. The best time to go rafting is from April to July.

The River Ganga certainly offers the best experience of white water river rafting experience in India.  Rafting on the Ganga can be enjoyed at Rishikesh which is nestled in Garhwal Himalaya in Uttarakhand.  There are four stretches- Brahmapuri to Rishikesh (9kms), Shivpuri to Rishikesh (16kms), Marine drive to Rishikesh (24kms) and Kaudiyala to Rishikesh (36kms). Best time for rafting: late September to mid November.

Nothing can be more adventurous then river rafting in Indus river- known as 'Singhe Khababs' or 'Out of the Lion's Mouth'.  Offering magnetising views of Ladakh and Zanskar Ranges, rafting in Indus makes for one unforgettable experience in India.  Imagine taming the rapids while gulping down majestic views of mighty mountains all around! Best time for rafting: early November to March end.

Spiti River is another popular destination when it comes to white water rafting in India. Spread over a distance of 180 km the river spans from Tuting region and goes up to Pasighat. If you plan on taking up the whole expedition till the end point which is the Sumdo, this entire thing would take a minimum of 6 days to finish. One of the biggest advantages of undertaking this rafting journey is that you will be delighted with the serene view of the pristine villages and the valleys of the Himachal Pradesh. Best time for rafting: July to August

Tons is the tributary of River Yamuna and is considered to be one of the most challenging places for river rafting in India. As the river meanders through the remote areas, it tells about the core culture and traditions of Uttarakhand. Tons invites daredevils to sail on its glinting waters. Best time for rafting: late September to mid November.

Trek on the river in the winter and raft in the summer! Sail through Padum and Nimmo stretches that mainly consist of III and IV grade rapids. The whirling rapids and the icy cold water thrown in together with the beautiful surrounding landscapes create memorable experiences of white water rafting in India. The best time to go rafting is from May to October.

Uttarakhand, as discussed already, is the best when it comes to river rafting places in India. The Bhagirathi is a very thrilling and turbulent river that flows through Uttarakhand. The course of the river is very challenging and takes you through rushing streams and beautiful landscapes that are nestled between two parallel mountains. Some of the rapids here have very intriguing names, such as the Elephant Rock, Confluence Rapid, Sharp S, and The Chute. Here you can also experience two of the best rapids on the Ganges, namely, "The Wall" and the "Daniel Dip". The best time to go rafting is from April to June.