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It is not a secret that India has been a favorite destination amongst the Asian countries for Budget Travelers However, sometimes it is assumed that India is only intended for splurging tourists, but there are various hotels, guest houses, lodges and free tourist attractions available in India for budget travelers. Budget travelers always put India on their list of places to visit. It is arguably the most beautiful country attracting millions of travelers from all across the globe.

Stay during the visits, would play an important role when you are traveling into budget. It can affect the whole traveling budget either. There are numerous first –class lodges, budget hotels available at cheap rates in down town of big metropolis. But in small cities or towns, star hotels would be an option at the same rates.

We as a travel consultant also advise people about the mode of transportation should be used for traveling within the city or going out. Big metropolises like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkota have a very good network of metro rail and local trains within the city, which is quite useful and cheaper way to travel around the cities. One can also save money by traveling in sharing auto rickshaws within the city.

It is very important to identify those tourist attractions or places that do not require one to pay to enter. We can also help you in this regards to make you visit such places.

It is advised for budget travelers that they must plan well before the date of departure that leads them to book their flight tickets well in advance and they can save some money. Booking flight ticket well in advance allows you to spend more on other desired things or activities during travel, which you have saved in flight booking. You can check with us for any possible discounts in flight bookings.

We always suggest people to go to the first-class restaurants for dining. But if your pocket does not allow, than cheap and best restaurants are easily available in large numbers in any of the Indian cities. It would do no harm in testing foods on streets sometimes or at typical cheap Indian restaurants, which is an experience itself.

Shopping is an integral part of tour. There are lot of souvenir shops and bazaars easily available in Indian cities where one can find affordable items to bring back home for loved ones.

We help travelers in organizing a budget trips to various parts of India. We are specialized in organizing group or individual.

To all across India. Traveling in group has become very popular now days and one can also save many. It is an opportunity to share experiences with friends you make during the tour. All tours are tailor-made or can be customized according to the budget you carry.

On the financial front, India pleases all pockets. Accommodation ranges from simple backpacker lodgings to sumptuous top-end hotels, with some appealing midrange possibilities that won’t bust the bank. A delicious array of eateries at all prices means you can fill your belly without emptying your money belt, and it’s possible to zip around economically, as well thanks to the country’s comprehensive public transport network.

As costs vary considerably nationwide, the best way of ascertaining how much money you’ll require for your trip is to peruse the relevant regional chapters of this book. Be prepared to pay more in the larger cities such as Mumbai (Bombay) and Delhi, as well as at popular tourist destinations during peak season.

In relation to sightseeing, foreigners are often charged more than Indian citizens for entry into tourist sites (admission prices for foreigners are sometimes given in US dollars, payable in the rupee equivalent), and there may also be additional charges for still/video cameras.

When it comes to bedding down, hotel tariffs are usually higher in big cities (especially Mumbai) and tourist hot spots and may also be influenced by factors such as location, season and festivals. Given the vast differences nationwide, it’s misleading for us to pinpoint a countrywide average accommodation price. If you’ve got cash to splash, some of India’s top-end hotels are among the world’s finest, but be prepared to fork out at least US$200 per night at the better properties before even getting a whiff of room service. Surf the Web for possible internet discounts.

So how does this all translate to a daily budget? Given the vast accommodation price differences across India, it’s impossible to arrive at one neat figure. However, as an example, in Rajasthan you can expect to pay roughly between US$20 and US$25 per day if you stay in the cheapest hotels, travel on public buses, do limited sightseeing and eat basic meals. If you wish to stay at salubrious midrange hotels, dine at nicer restaurants, do a reasonable amount of sightseeing and largely travel by autorickshaw and taxi, you’re looking at anywhere between US$40 and US$65 per day.

Eating out in India is sizzling-hot value, with budget restaurant meals for as little as Rs40 (even less at the more basic street eateries), and usually from around double that for a satiating midrange restaurant feed. At the more suave urban restaurants, main dishes generally hover between Rs150 and Rs350 to which you’ll need to add the cost of side dishes, such as rice, and (usually) a tax of 10% to 12.5%.

Regarding long-distance travel, there’s a range of classes on trains and several bus types, resulting in considerable flexibility vis-à-vis comfort and price. Domestic air travel has become a lot more price competitive over recent years thanks to deregulation and good internet deals. Within towns there’s inexpensive public transport, or perhaps you’d like to hire a car with driver, which is surprisingly good value if there are several of you to split the cost.

The Indian rupee (Rs) is divided into 100 paise (p), but paise coins are increasingly rare. Coins come in denominations of 25 and 50 paise, and Rs 1, 2,5 and 10; notes come in Rs 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 (this last bill can be hard to change outside banks). The Indian rupee is linked to a basket of currencies and its value is generally stable.

ATMs linked to international networks are common in most towns and cities in India. However, carry cash or travellers cheques as backup in case the power goes down, the ATM is out of order, or you lose or break your plastic.

Remember, you must present your passport whenever you change currency or travellers cheques. Commission for foreign exchange is becoming increasingly rare; if it is charged, the fee is nominal.

Modern 24-hour ATMs are found in most large towns and cities, though the ATM may not be in the same place as the bank branch. The most commonly accepted cards are Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus, Maestro and Plus. Banks in India that reliably accept foreign cards include Citibank, HDFC, ICICI, UTI, HSBC, the Punjab National Bank and the State Bank of India. Away from major towns, always carry cash or travellers cheques as backup.

Banks impose higher charges on international transactions, but this may be cancelled out by the favourable exchange rates between banks. Reduce charges by making larger transactions less often. Always check in advance whether your card can access banking networks in India and ask for details of charges.

Note that several travellers have reported ATMs snatching back money if you don’t remove it within around 30 seconds. Conversely, other machines can take more than 30 seconds to actually release cash, so don’t panic if the money doesn’t appear instantaneously.

Always keep the emergency lost-and-stolen numbers for your credit cards in a safe place, separate from your cards, and report any loss or theft immediately.

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