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Mumbai to Goa Luxury Cruise

Mumbai to Goa Luxury Cruise Goa is the perfect place where you will find a blend of traditional and modern aspects of life. On one hand you have plush beaches and on the other hand you have the most natural landscapes that make you wonder if time ever touched this place. Goa is the perfect place to go on a sightseeing tour. These tours will truly show you an entirely new side of Goa that is sure to take you by surprise. The waterfalls, the forests, the spice farms, all are unique in their own way and are a must visit on your tour to Goa in India. Check our related sections for further information.


Goa is the smallest city of India, yet it is considered as one of the most beautiful places of the country. This is also a dream destination for majority of people to spend their holidays. Goa offers several tourist attractions for everyone.

It has beautiful beaches, churches, temples, rivers, wild life sanctuaries and forts etc. All these places are more than enough to make your Goa Holiday a life time experience. Goa beaches offer peace of mind to the tourists. People of Goa are habitual of having many tourists and they do not interfere in the fun activities of people who come to enjoy here. Basically, Goa is divided into two parts North Goa and South Goa. Both the parts offer many places for the tourists. Let us start with the South Goa. This place is the main city of the state. Here, you can find several commercial places to do shopping; you can also go on the cruise ride and make you evening more happening. Besides this, there are several beaches also present here like Dona Paula, Miramar, Varca, Palolem and many more. You can see beautiful sun rise from Dona Paula beach. This beach is also famous for several types of water sports. South Goa is also popular for its famous and magnificent churches that are the legacy of Portuguese colonization. You can start by visiting the St. Cathedral Church. This is a great example of beautiful architecture. Then you can explore the Ruins of Church of St. Augustine, The Church of St. Anne, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Reis Magos Church, St. Cajetan Church, Church of St. Francis of Assissi and the Church of St. Paul. All these churches reflect the rich Catholic culture of Goa. Additionally, you can also explore several beautiful temples in Goa like Shri Anantha Temple, Shri Nagesh Maharudra Temple and many more.

After exploring the South Goa, it is turn to hit the North Goa. This part of Goa is the hot favorite place especially for foreign tourists. You can have some larger than life experience of Goa in this part of the state. It is popular for several beautiful beaches, forts and water sports. You can start your trip of North Goa from Fort Aguada. This place is famous for several beautiful structures built by the rulers Portuguese. It is also famous for the light house that reflects the rich and the beautiful culture of Goa. You can also see some beautiful sceneries as this fort is surrounded by the sea and several green plants. In order to get a view of some breath taking water falls, you can visit Dundhsagar Waterfall. This is one of the major tourist destinations in Goa. The best time to visit this place is in monsoon when these water falls are on their fullest. There are some beautiful beaches in North Goa as well. You can visit Calangute beach, Baga beach, Anjuna Beach, Arambol beach and many more. All these beaches are famous tourist destinations in Goa. You can also enjoy different types of water sports like Para Gliding, water rides, under water diving etc. So, what is to wait for? Just call your tour operator today and book you tickets to Goa.

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